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Learn to Audition for TV & Film

Emmy Award-Winning director & actor Katie O’Grady prepares your child to act, audition, get an agent and book his/her next role with confidence. 

Getting your kid or teen into TV/Film can be a confusing road to navigate.  

Maybe you and kiddo are...


·       from traveling down the rabbit hole of free online acting tips out there and you’re not sure where to start or who to trust.

Wasting Money

on acting classes with bad techniques that are outdated and don’t work.

Not Finding Any Opportunities

·       in your area or if you do, you’re not getting any callbacks.


about what steps to take right now – Should you get an agent? Should you create social media accounts for your kid? Do you need to move to L.A.?

Worried About Getting Scammed

or making the wrong decisions in this industry.

Getting Discouraged

and a bit intimidated by the road that lies ahead in achieving your dreams.

Can I part the clouds for you?

I know, I know. Kiddo wants to be a star but...

  • You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get started.
  • You don’t need to move to L.A.
  • ...and you don’t need to book a massive gig to become a professional working actor in TV/Film. 

Your child or teen just needs to TRAIN and APPLY key skills that will set him/her apart from all the other actors out there.

Learn to Audition for TV/Film

Does your child want to land an acting role but is struggling with auditioning? Whether it's your first time or 20th time, auditioning for casting directors is a daunting ordeal and can feel overwhelming and discouraging......but every single professional actor started with an audition. What separates the professional actors from the hopefuls is preparation and taking action.

By the end of this course, 

your child will have a repeatable preparation process that they can use over and over again, so they can go into every acting audition feeling confident and having more FUN. 


  • 1.5 hours of training
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • 1 Actor Certification

Acting 101

You will learn the basics of acting, how to work with the camera and how to properly warm up so that you're always ready to deliver your best performance.

The Juicy Stuff

Coach Katie will teach you the secret ingredients to great acting and creating memorable characters for TV/Film. She'll also teach you how to cry on camera...yes, really!

Clear Roadmap

Know exactly where to start and what to focus on. This course will give you a clear roadmap to becoming a professional actor for TV & Film, giving you a competitive advantage over other actors.

Become a Confident Actor

When you feel confident and have more fun, others will have more fun watching you perform. You will learn how to let your creativity flow, be in the moment and accept the outcome so you can move onto your next opportunity. 

Learn to Act for TV/Film


Get Started Today

Start your kid or teen on the PRO path towards a career in TV/Film and watch them grow in confidence.



I know what it’s like to dream about being an actor but not know how to get there. I also understand how scary and uncertain it feels to take those first steps without fully knowing if you’re on the right path.

Working in the film industry for over 22 years as an actor, producer, writer and director on major network roles (Netflix, NBC, IFC, Showtime) has allowed me to see that the ones who succeed in this industry are the ones who never stop growing. They always ask themselves “What Next?”

Continuously training naturally keeps you on the right path, helps you reach your next milestone and will separate you from everyone else with a dream. I know it sounds simple, but it was true from being a little girl with a dream to training with top professionals in NY/LA/Portland to landing my first role in a Paramount Picture film to recently winning an Emmy…and it’s still true to this day.

As Founder of Acting for Kids & Teens school in Portland, I’ve successfully trained hundreds of actors and have watched them grow in confidence and land TV/Film roles. For the first time, we are going GLOBAL with this training so your child can develop those key skills to act for TV/Film, survive the business, and have more FUN!
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Kind Words From Students & Parents...

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"We're so glad we found Acting for Kids and Teens. Katie  is not only an amazing teacher who just exudes joy and love for her students.  She is also a very skilled and successful actress.  Katie is eager to share her knowledge and talent with her students.  My daughter adores her and the rest of the AFKT staff. With their assistance, my daughter has been cast in several commercials and a TV show and even has her own IMDb page now!"
Tara H. (Mom)
“Thanks to Katie, my son is now a working actor. Her training and guidance has given him the skills needed to enter an audition room with confidence. He is getting call backs, booking jobs and loving every minute.“
Kristen S. (Mom)
"Katie helped our son love acting again. Her energy and ability to communicate with her students no matter their circumstances goes unmatched. Katie discovers the individual talents in each of her students and helps them celebrate their uniqueness. Our son grew emotionally and creatively under her direction. We are so very thankful for her dedication to her young budding artists!"
Tracey H. (Mom)

Give Your Kiddo The Competitive Edge in

 STEP #1 

Buy The Course

Pro actors train. Period. When you invest in this program, you’ll receive instant access to relevant, proven techniques used by Katie and other pro actors to start training right away. No fluff. Just real work.

 STEP #2 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Develop your skills by watching the training videos, do the exercises, download & play with the scripts we’ve given you. This course will immerse you into the art of acting. 
 STEP #3 

Compete for TV/Film Roles

With these acting techniques, you will feel fully prepared to perform any roles with confidence, book auditions, compete for casting opportunities and submit to talent agencies.
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